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1 Toon World Academy Rules on Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:59 pm


Toon World Academy Rules - 10 June 2014
1: Be active in the academy. That means consistently participate in Toon World Academy's Events, Tournaments, Duel Classes, and everything else we have to offer. Inactivity may result in a demotion and/or loss of items (TC, Duel Spirits, Reputation).

2: Do not spam. The following is considered as Spam:
Must read:
2.1 - Posting messages with one word (wtf?, ok, etc), without having good reason.
2.2 - Posting things that have nothing to do with the topic.
2.3 - Double Posting without any need to do so. If you need to double post make sure it is 24 hours apart from your previous post.
2.4 - Necro Posting (Necro Posting is reviving a topic that has died for more than 1 month unless it is yours and you're bumping it with something useful)
2.5 - Usage of bad language (Don't try to act smart and type words like 4$$, because it is still considered a bad language) & so is the misspelling of a swear word.
2.6 - Posting adult (18+) content.
2.7 - Using another language in your posts. This forum is an English only forum.
2.8 - Typing whole sentences in caps. It's obnoxious and not needed.

3 ) Show RESPECT to Staff AND Members. If you have a complaint, send it in a PM to an Admin and/or a Moderator.

4 ) No mini-modding. Please let the moderators do their job, mini-modding will ruin your chances of ever becoming staff.

5) NO advertising, anybody caught advertising will be banned on sight. Only exception is part sites. If you would like to partner with TWA please PM an Admin

6) Please keep the signatures to a humane size. If your signature is too large, you will be messaged by a staff member pertaining the matter, and you will have 24 hours after said notification to alter your signature or else a warning will be given and your signature deleted.

7) DO NOT discuss the following topics on TWA.
World Politics

These topics lead to flame wars, which we of TWA staff would prefer to avoid. Discussing any of these will result in a warning. Any offensive comments made about these to anyone will result in a 24 hour ban.

8) Threatening to hack, destroy or take over TWA will NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Any ATTEMPT to do any of the above will result in an instantaneous and permanent IP ban from TWA.

Breaking the rules TWA has in place will result in a Warning:

1st Warning: Nothing Happens.
2nd Warning: Ban for 24 hours
3rd Warning: Ban for 3 days and your TC will be halved
4th Warning: Ban for 7 days and not able to participate in the tourneys 30 days afterwards
5th Warning: Perma ban

-Adminstration: Skitoritto, Naito Raizu, Ezekeil

-Moderators:faervel, LOKOS,ddeevviiss

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2 Re: Toon World Academy Rules on Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:11 am


Heaven's Guard
Heaven's Guard
Errors in the text fixed.

3 Re: Toon World Academy Rules on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:42 pm


Galactic Chaos
Galactic Chaos
Added rule.

4 Re: Toon World Academy Rules on Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:40 am


Heaven's Guard
Heaven's Guard
Updated: 25 October 2012

5 Re: Toon World Academy Rules on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:40 pm


Industrial Illusion Leader
Industrial Illusion Leader
Added the Signature linking thing to the Advertising rule [12/19/2012]

You misunderstood. The only reason photon is allowed to have a link is because he is a partner. Check the portal...


6 Re: Toon World Academy Rules on Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:07 pm

Naito Raizu

Updated 6/12/14

(June 6th, 2014)

"Be unselfish, in the service and devotion, to the welfare of others."
-Allowat Sakima

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