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1 Majestic Mech Senku on Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:06 am

Maximillion Pegasus

Majestic Mech - Senku

Light, Fairy, 4 stars, Effect monster
1000 ATK, 500 DEF

Effect as DS:
When a Fairy-Type Monster you control attacks your opponent, and inflicts Battle Damage to him/her, you can draw one card.
If you use this effect, you must discard one Fairy-Type Monster from your hand to your Graveyard. (The drawn card may be the card you discard)
If your unable to do this, you must discard your whole hand OR destroy the monster you attacked with.
When the attack used to activate this effect is a Direct Attack, your opponent gains 500 Life Points.

Render made by War Machine.

Got an angel on my shoulder but a devil in my head~

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