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1 AW#1 Lancer Frog on Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:48 am

Zephryion Skywalker

Welcome to the Wonderful world of Lancer Frogs, here you will be taught knowledge on how to master the Way of the Frog and surpass even the meta decks

Frog History

Early Monarch Era:
The frogs of the wetlands have long since served the powerful monarchs to form the Frog-Monarch Alliance, they were very powerful at first. But with the rise of even greater alliances, they were steadily becoming weaker.

Criminal Monarch Era:
The Frogs and Monarchs have teamed up with a World-Class Criminal, Fishborg Blaster, to help cheat through the wars. However this didn't last long, since Fishborg Blaster was caught while trying to perfect a new killing machine called: Shooting Quasar Dragon.

Late Monarch Era:
The Frog-Monarch Alliance has reverted back to its old Alliance, this time, they were getting weaker with the Agents ruling the skies and reign of Trishula continuing to banis every frog in sight. Luckily Trishula was finally able to be apprehended by the Konami Army.
The New Age:
Although Trishula has been slain, the monarchs are still losing more and more wars against other alliances, especially the Rabbit-Evolzar Alliance. Meanwhile, the Sea Lancers were wandering the wetlands, searching for food. They happen to stumble on a Ronintoadin ritual, banishing dupe frog to revive a Ronintoadin. Using their tridents, they retrieved all the banished Frogs, and used them as weapons and shields. The monarchs quickly decided to make an Alliance with the Sea Lancers. Today, they continue to make a powerful Alliance, and are currently working on summoning the Moulin Glace, the Water Elemental Lord and buidling Lemuria, as a base of operations to summon the almighty Xyzs, such as Tiras and Photon Strike Bounzer

Lancer Frogs is mainly a control based deck that slowly grinds advantage with LADD, Caius, Sea Lancer. Sea Lancer can re-use banished frogs and even gain advantage off of the some of the equips, Poison Draw can draw cards for you when destroyed and Dupe Frog can add frogs to the hand which are usually used to Xyz Dark Mist when the Grave has been loaded. LADD forces your opponent to either waste their cards or take all that damage. You can even use your opponent’s monsters against them with Enemy Controller and tribute them before you end (Ex. Steal a BLS-EotB, double attack, tribute for one of your boss monsters.

The Army

The Tribute Monsters:

Sea Lancer
Used to bring back the frogs that were banished, then use them to boost their attack and protect themself. Once a Posion Draw Frog or Dupe used as an equip gets destroyed, you can their effects(as long as their destructions are the last thing to happen in the chain)

Obelisk, the Tormentor
Although requires 3 tributes, this card is worth the effort, especially if your opponent has wasted all their mass destrcution. 4000 attack is nothing to laugh at, especially since most decks don't even have monsters orver 3000 attack

Caius, The Shadow Monarch
A common and easy to summon monster. tribute Treeborn, banish a card and attack with a 2400 beatstick.

Raiza, The Storm Monarch
Although not as good as Caius, Raiza can be good at times, like to continually dead draw an opponent. It can also be used with Daigusto Phoenix's effect, a total of 6300(2400x2+1500) attack.

Light and Darkness Dragon
With the increased amount of tribute fodder available, LADD is indeed a great choice. Only requiring treeborn+ronin or another monster, you ca negate what your opponent does up to 4 times! Making your opponent lose advantage very fast. He also summons a monster from your grave when he dies, summon a dead Sea Lancer to reuse the banished frogs, or sangan to grab a monster you need.
The Frogs

Swap Frog

Used to send frogs to grave, such as Ronin, Treeborn, Dupe and Poison Draw for tribute fodder. One of the key components of deck, without this guy, you would have a hard time summoning Monarchs constantly to pressure the opponent. Swap Frog can re-use monarchs or LADD by bouncing them back to the hand for later use.

Dupe Frog
Like stated above, getting Swap Frog is crucial, therefore this card is just awesome, decreasing the odds of not getting Swap Frog. It can also add frogs from the grave once you’ve dumped all your frogs. Sometimes, you can perform a dupe lock by controlling 2 face-up Dupes, which can stall for quite a while.

Banish frogs> summon Ronintoadin> summon Sea Lancer> equip frogs> Xyz Gachi.
A very simple yet game-changing combo that could help waste the opponents resources while inreasing yours. 3 is usually not recommened since you have Treeborn as well for tribute fodder.

Treeborn Frog
The frog never gives up, no matter how many times killed or tributed. Unlike Frognarchs, this card isn't the center of the deck. It is merely to help keep a constant amount of tribute fodder and sometimes for defence when desperate. Although this card has pretty much disabled the use of most traps and continuous spells in this deck.

Poison Draw Frog
Used for Ronin banishing fodder and Sea Lancer equips, drawing 1 card everytime Sea Lancer is about to die.

Protection and Techs

Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
Punishes an opponent for attacking directly and prevents OTKs. In a trapless deck, this card comes in handy quite a lot.

Battle Fader
Another card that protects you from an OTK, but this one prevents all the damage (if they were direct attacks).Since OTK decks usually run low protection, you can usually just E con their biggest monster, attack, tribute for Caius and banish their remaining monsters.

With your hand almost always at 4+ if you're using this deck right or if you're not in a tight situation, this card is perfect for an instant 3000 beatstick out of nowhere. Tragoedia can also steal monsters, and since this deck has a wide variety of levels, its effect becomes useful quite often.

Has tons of targets in this deck, ranging from Swap Frog to setup your grave or Battle Fader to prevent OTKs. Not to mention you can reuse him over and over with LADD if sangan is already in the grave.

Mother Grizzly
Used for the same purposes as Sangan and Dupe, but summons them straight to the field.
Sometimes, you won't draw Sangan, Swap or Dupe, thats where Mother Grizzly comes in handy, it addes more consistency and even a little protection if you summon another Grizzly. You can also summon Sea Lancer with Grizzly, without wasting tribute fodder and sometimes even your normal summon.

Effect Veiler
Stops cards like Rescue Rabbit, Inzektors, etc. which you DON’T want to go off even once. This reason alone is usually enough, but this card is also a tuner which could come in handy at times.
Spells and other Support cards

A +1 card alone, it can also act as a frog dumper if you have a swap frog in hand. You can also add Sea Lancer to gain even more +’s, if it doesn’t get veilered.

Enemy Controller
A multi-purpose card, but mainly used in combo with Treeborn Frog for a Change of Heart. Summon treeborn>use controller to steal a monster> summon treeborn again>use monsters to summon LADD, Caius or Sea Lancer.

Gachi-Gachi Gantetsu
A huge block and attack increaser, easy to summon with ronintoadins and a loaded graveyard.

Number 96: Dark Mist
Requires more monsters than gachi, but a monster that can get over almost any monster? Totally worth the cost. Just remember to see if he has a free opening (no traps and stuff) before summoning him, so it won’t be a wasted effort..

Daigusto Phoenix
As mentioned earlier, this card combos well with Raiza, although it’s still amazing by itself, dealing 3000 damage to finish off your opponent or to wipe out most of them with low attack.

Shining Elf
Yet another rank 2 monster that can be abused with ronins. Shining Elf is like a mini Dark Mist when you don't have enough materials. It can take down monsters up to 2500, but thats about it. Dark Mist is usually better in a general situtation.

Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger
Triple Enemy Controller can sometimes get you a rank 5 or 6, so why not just keep the monster and replace it with a 2600 Piercer?

Number 39C: Utopia Ray
Same reason as Gaia Dragon, except more specific to Utopia, and has an effect that could change the tide of battle.

Side Deck

Will be added after the September 2012 banlist has been confirmed.
General Rulings

Sea Lancer
vs Ally of Justice Catastor

When Sea Lancer battles with Catastor, Catastor's effect activates and tries to destroy Sea Lancer, if Sea Lancer destroys his equip, the battle will continue to the damage step. If Sea Lancer still has equips, it will destroy Catastor in battle, if not, Sea Lancer will die and you take damage.

Vs Costs and effects
If you try to use Swap Frog to bounce Sea Lancer to the hand, the equips will miss the timing.Same when Sea Lancer is tributed for a cost. However, if it was bounced by a card like Compulsory Evacuation Device, the effect of the equips will chain to each other and activate in whichever order you want.

Vs Field nuke/multiple destruction
When a card effect attempts to destroy all of Sea Lancers equips and Sea Lancer itself, Sea Lancer won't be able to protect itself from destruction because the destruction took place simultaneously.

Vs Skill Drain, Effect Veiler, etc.
If Sea Lancers effect is negated, the equips will be sent to the grave and you get their effects. This does not apply if Sea Lancers effect was negated when his effect is still resolving, instead the equips will remain in the banished zone.

Light and Darkness Dragon

vs Inherent Summon Effects
LADD can't negate inherent summons such as Swap Frog, Grapga, Cyber Dragon

vs Chains
LADD can only negate once per chain

vs Lightsworns(end phase milling)
The effects of LS must resolve during the EP, therefore it will keep attempting to activate until LADD runs out of negates.

vs Gorz, Tragoedia etc.
When the effect of Gorz or Trag activates, LADD will negate it, afterwards the Gorz/Tragoedia will remain in hand.

vs Swift Scarecrow, Effect Veiler etc.
Unlike Gorz ,Tragoedia and Battle Fader, Swift Scarecrow will go to the grave because it was used as a cost to activate.

Vs Solemn Warning/ Summon negating and destroying
LADD will still get his third effect, special summoning from the grave, when his summon is negated by Solemn Warning or anything alike.

Dupe/Poison Draw Frog
Vs Field nuke/multiple destruction
Dupe Frog will not miss the timing when multiples are destroyed at the same time due to SEGOC( Simultaneous Effects Go On Chain)

Feel free to ask questions here, I will try to answer them with everything I know,

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2 Re: AW#1 Lancer Frog on Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:31 am


Heaven's Guard
Heaven's Guard
Nice job explaining and use of visual aid.

"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."

3 Re: AW#1 Lancer Frog on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:09 am


Heaven's Guard
Heaven's Guard
o.o... +1 to you sir.. well written Very Happy

4 Re: AW#1 Lancer Frog on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:26 am


Hell's Emissary
Hell's Emissary
I can see 1st Place O.o

It's really good

5 Re: AW#1 Lancer Frog on Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:40 pm


Oh man thats really good! Good Job!

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