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1 TWA's Article Section on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:53 pm


Hello Toon World members, this is our very own Article section for TWA. We have created this Section for a few purposes. One of them is to reward Duelists for their knowledge and understandings. The other is to teach and learn. This is our system of teaching duelists by use of examples and explanations.

Articles may be posted by an member at any time which show a influx of knowledge and understanding.

We will also have certain members who will post a brief article and we will call it an "Article Assignment." This article will briefly explain an overall concept (synchros, etc) at the bottom there will be a set of topics for members to choose from. Any member can choose any topic but they must post and inform the rest of the people about which article they will be writing about. Any member of the academy will then be encouraged to post articles that narrow down the topic and focus on certain aspects (Stardust, Red Dragon Archfiend etc). In the reply topics please narrow down the infromation to only the Topic you are about to talk about.

Remember it takes a lot to put yourself on the spot and attempt to teach others which is a big step. Do not criticize anyone, if they have forgotten something please PM them and let them know that there is an error so they may take care of thier post and provide the proper information.

TC is awarded for Articles done including the ones done one your own and also for the "Article Assignments" as well. These prices will be discussed by the TWA Staff and awarded accordingly. We appreciate your work and your contributions to the help of others. Thank you.

~Dex and the TWA Staff

2 Re: TWA's Article Section on Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:43 am


Ok I'm sure you guys noticed that I went through several of the articles and posted awards for them. We will start awarding tc for those that take the time and effort to make articles for us. I basically went through all the articles that have had a post in may. I posted the reward in all of them even if it meant double posting in order to move them up and out of the way to make things easier for me as I did so. I reviewed them quickly but that's because I've already read most of them before.

If you've done an article before and you want credit for it the please post the name of it here and post in the article itself to move it to the top. I don't care if this causes a double post because it'll make it easier for me. This is a one time thing so don't start double posting everywhere saying I said it's ok. This is a single exception.

I did quick reviews to get you guys your tc faster but I'll give you some tips on what I look for in an article so you can gain more tc next time.

Length The longer the better in most cases. I believe that you should get awarded for the amount of time and effort you put into an article. Do not make them unnecessary long for this reason though. Super short articles about single cards will get you less tc though.

Sites You'll get more tc for posting your sites references in your articles.

Spelling/Grammar please spell check your articles and do the best you can to make them easier for everybody to read. I will deduct points if it's bad. I do keep in mind that many people don't have English as a first language and I will keep that in mind when I review.

I didn't really check since I didn't have much time and because I was in a hurry but I will be checking for plagiarism from now on. If I catch anybody doing this I will suggest that you automatically moved up to a three day ban. If you get caught after that I'd suggest permanent ban. That is just my oppion for now but I'm sure the admins will agree with me.

As you noticed the titles of your articles for admins to be able to easily see the tc and award you. They will then change the title back except it will then say (awarded) at the end.

This and this is how things work from now on. If you have any suggestions or problems please post them here. Thank you for your time.

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