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1 Epic Rap battles of Yu-Gi-Oh 1(Voting topic) on Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:26 pm


Galactic Chaos
Galactic Chaos
Vote for who you think won the rap battle!

Remember to vote for who you think rapped the best, not for favorite individual.

Participants are not allowed to vote for themselves.

Last edited by Eheroduelist on Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:10 am; edited 2 times in total


Just to make it easier for everyone, I`ll put everyone who rapped in here:

Round 1:
Every game got there own scrubs,
But dis da scrubs end
Shuffle hand
How ya doin'
Shuffle xMultiple times
Same old deck, Just a different duel
I had try t'win it
Each n e'ery day
Its so very cruel
Players need a life
Noobies such a fool
Meta's getting hard
Guess what i'ma do
Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle hand xMultiple times
Winning in this format is very hard
Okay now duelin a big habbit
Double up with my rabbit
Veil dis Shlt when i drop it
Tribute dat shlt for ma caius
Homie hold up wif dat promo
Leak da effect and oh no
Yo dat card look so pro
I bet it broken, I know so
Homie ain't no doubt about it
winnin round with dat rabbit
Summon it and dey pop it
reborn cause i got it
Watch em boosters they leavin'
Good hand and dey schemin
Gon drop demon
All my watchers up in here laughin
All dis cray shyt been happnin'
Good combos i die for
Making good plays when i doolin'
Complain bout da rulin
Losers gon cry about it
We all know dat i got dis.
Rapping to the beat of hustle hard by ace hood

Spade's Raps:
Round 1:
I'm the mothaflippin'
King of Games.
My hair's spiked
And my pants are really tight,
And I'm sexy (I'm sexy).
If you choose to defend I'm gonna condescend
Cuz my Dark Magic Attack'll drive you straight round the bend.
I got God Cards I won from Battle City,
Don’t believe me?
Listen carefully to this ditty.
And by the by your cards are sh*tty,
And so’s your show.
Watch what happens when Slifer takes on Winged Kuriboh.

ThatGuy5's Raps:
Round 1:
I'm the head of the Dragons
My foes, I teabag 'em
I pull out my card
And beat 'em down hard
And when stuff gets legit
I pull Ultimate
And when I'm through
I'll be comin' for you
Cause Spade you ain't nothin'
In the end you'll be cussin'
And when I get Lightpulsar
You'll know I'M the Czar
Horus be beatin' you down
So stay on the ground
And let the big boys play
SO now "good day"
Round 2:
You know I don't care your a teacher
You belong on the bleacher
Cause ya know what they say
Those who can't do teach the night away
You remind of a lousy level 1 Bat
No effect, c***py stats, it just end up splat
No one even knows who the hell he is
He justs in corner covered in wyvern p***
Just fill you deck with Swords of Light
And you might have a chance to when a fight
the White Stone of Legend is worth more than you
He brings something good, which you sure can't do
And speakin of gay just look at your pic
Its of some freaky dude just grabbin' his t**
I'd love to say more but outta time
Takin people like you and puttin there butts in line

Round 3:
Now BD I'll make you a deal so take it or leave it
Get your a** out before I gotta beat it
You think ya so bad 'cause ya pull that crap rhyme
But the truth really is you just ain't worth my time
You'd go hidin' away behind your masked clown
Only the King of the Fools would give ya his crown
With all the power of the Five-God
All them... witches are so ooed and awwed
And what do you run? Those POS cybers?
I'll tear 'em apart down to every last fiber
I'll take you with an Armed LV 10
And if you keep on rappin' it'll be your end
And for Ehero, Who are ya, Bonnie Tyler?
You probably do better as an office filer
You know what you remind me of? a Neo Bubbleman
'Cause he's now worth nothin' he'd just hide in the hand
When ever ever you duel you need Emergency Call
And someone's gotta save ya before you fall
You seem to hide behind your admin status
But when i'm done you'll breath on an apparatus
I'll Burst Stream some destuction on your Fake Hero
'Cause out of all us, your just a zero

Eheroduelist's Raps:
Round 1:
Y'all just awful compared to my Heroes,
Just a buncha smack-talking zeroes
Sparkman oughta pwn all you scrubs,
but y'all can't help being nubs
As an Admin I'm just too strong,
our duels shouldn't take long
As my Heroes prepare to take you down,
before my admin powers ban you from this Yu-Gi-Oh town.

Round 2:
Spider-man's so awesome he hangs up-side down,
You're just jealous with a terrible frown
My Heroes rely on each other to achieve great things,
My Heroes are mightier than kings!
Your spelling is as bad as your dueling,
It's spelled "Shelf", but you're just a foolin,
Thinking you can beat me and my awesome Heroes and my rhymes,
thats worse than any crime,
Punishable by instant life point drop to ZERO,
You're going to wish you had a Hero!
As an admin, I've got more power in my pinkie than you've got at all,
No matter how many rhymes you toss, it's all just a stall,
You can't beat me or my awesome powers,
Go ahead and try, it'll take countless hours!
Round 3:
You must think you're cool,
Sadly you seem to not understand the rule;
I'm the boss around these parts,
Even more powerful than Dartz,
You're just a Purple: a nobody, even your name is "ThatGuy",
I can't seem to understand why,
you people think you can beat me,
You all can't seem to see,
Even in a battle of three,
Noone is better than me!

Round 4:
Rapping just isn't your thing,
much less Yu-Gi-Oh, please don't try to sing...
please, you've got no fame,
Apparently you also don't have shame,
Maybe one of my opponents can loan some to you,
either way you'll have plenty when I'm through.
When you're rapping, don't worry about lard,
just like in a duel you gotta keep up your guard,
protecting your honor with the words you spit;
but at this rate you oughta just quit.

Round 5:
Dueling's not all about the record,
Most of my wins are from fun; records are best to be ignored,
It's all about having skill,
which I always will.
Sorry I don't bow to bad cards,
All of yours deserve to be in the graveyard...
No matter how many terrible rhymes you throw,
You'll never be able to show,
That I'm anything less than the best!
So give it a rest,
Give all these readers a break,
from your terrible rhymes, for Christ's sake.

Round 6:
You think you're hot now?
You're taking a bow?
This is far from done,
I'm glad you had your fun.
Time for a real Hero to take the lead,
you'll have to concede;
I'm the best of all those here,
I'm the real Hero you should fear.
If you were afraid before you should just quit,
lest I scare you out of your wit;
I'm the best of you all, you have to admit;
Sooner or later you'll just simply submit.
The Green Goblin used cheap moves and tricks,
Spider-Man's moves were a mix;
Spider-Man rose up in the end to prevail,
Just like I'll do when your rhyming shows up stale.
This shouldn't take much longer,
My rhyming is just plain stronger;
Your dueling is whack,
I've been told I can sack,
this is as good as done,
and it seems I've pretty much won.

Finly's Raps:
Round 1:
You guys think your cool because you can spit words and play games?
Maybes you need a lesson about who i am, My fame.
Ill beeat both yo a"" by just starting the duel
Seeing my evil swarms, Man, dont drool.
Ill take on all of you with my cards
I cant think of the right words to insult you, so ill just go ahead and tell you to eat my lard
Round 2:
Look whos talking? Look at that dueling record.
Got more losses, man you cant even duel, Holy lord
Step back while the master shows you how
Step back and bow to my monsters
While i show you how to be a good Administrator

TheBlackDuelist`s Raps:
Round 1:
Yo check it out, your flow is weak and your style finished
You avatar is Exodia but you claim that your Relinquished

You got 412 posts you must be some sort of spammer
I'mma cancel your rhyme, like how I play Magic Jammer

You don't want to get me started, caz I can spit for days
These lines create distractions just like the Fires of Doomsday

You better remember my name, embed it in your mind
Caz my raps might sting like Inzektors and cause you to go blind

I'm not trying to offend, so please don't disagree
I can clearly see your head, so where's the rest of your body?

You can only win duels when you have all your pieces together
A storm's brewing up, you might wanna start checking the weather

I'm in Shadow Purple, but not for too long
I'll evolve past it, and continue to stand strong

Now you might be a good duelist, I ain't gonna argue or debate
But when I thrust into your girl, I scream your catchphrase "OBLIDERATE!"

Round 2:
You call yourself "Head of the Dragons" what's up with that ****?
You can't call that crap rap cuz that **** ain't legit.

You just admitted you were gay, caz you teabag men.
Low quality, Low Value just like the chinese yen

Prepare for the worst caz you dealing with a super
Garbage comes out of your mouth, just like Mr.Card Trooper

You play ultimate dragon, but he's like an old wagon
This is the new area, run by Red Eyes Dark Dragon. (U know who I mean)

Light Pulsar sucks, it's not even a beat stick
It's called Pulsar because it pulses when sucking Dark Flares **** (sorry for the profanity but I had to rhyme this one it was too good xD)

You phony, fake, you remind of Dell
And who the hell uses Horus, who relies only on spells
Round 3:
My boy Ehero is rapping, you think you can win this crown?
Why the hell you got an avi of a fool upside down?

Your heroes are trash, they can't depend on themselves
That's why I threw all my hero cards behind my old book shelve.

Talking about sparkman, I remember he had spell card
"Spark Blaster" was it's name, man was he a retard

You admins ain't ****, your only a figure head
***** you know I didn't stutter, you heard what I said.

Now time for my man "Guy", man what kind foolishness is this?
That paragraph you wrote earlier doesn't qualify as a diss.

I'm a teacher caz I'm skilled, u should bow before my might.
I'll expose you for the fake you are by the end of the night.

Speakin of which, its time u came out of the closet u hoe.
My respect for you decreased from Black Luster to Kuriboh.

Don't talk about my avi, I'll strike you dead
Your avi's a headless fool in blue, who has a bra on his head.

Both ya'll raps were nothing, I'm king of this debate
You both just got outplayed, can ya'll feel that weight?
Round 4:
Hehe Didn't know I was on top. Let me take Ehero and Finly

The champ is back, and I'm about to represent
You all have been going your hardest, but I've only used 2 percent.

We got a new admin here Finly, his avi's pretty weird
Now let me show you why I'm someone who needs to be feared

Yugioh ain't my life, but I can still bring the heat
I'll remove you like a virus, like typing Control Alt Delete.

I'm laying down the flow, I'm coming off the dome
I'mma about to send ya'll packing, and deport your *** home

My favorite card's Simorgh, caz it can lock your *** down
You tried to use Reaper, too bad u can't play a face down.

YgoPro is the illest, it's gonna replace the network
I've been going easy on ya'll but now I'm about to go beserk

I can't comprehend why you thought you could win this round
Your girls wanted some fun so I became their play ground

Mr Hero wants to fight, but what happened to Spiderman who is Mr.Lean.
Oh that's right he got his *** beat by a some goblin in green.

Now you may call me a freak, but at least I have my pride
D.D Crow and Veiler, hmmm Which one you gonna side?

I'll rap this rap up, and call this a happily ever after
Smoked both ya'll fools in this rap and that's the end of the chapter.

Round 5:
Not bad, Not bad but now it's time I bring the heat!

You had a good rhyme, but your career is done
We all some good laughs, and I'll admit it was fun

It's time for me to end this, leave you dry in the hood
You don't want to be messin with a man this good

Why all your raps so short, you need to extend
I can see through your tough act, you don't need to pretend

I Won't admit that you're good, I'll admit that you fail
This battle was more like a murder, in which they should send me to jail

This battle goes on for days, coming hot like a new mix tape
I tried to upload this to youtube, but they don't take rape.

You need a new model, spidey's all worn out
He's gone from a great hero figure, to a little boy scout.

Don't be hating on green, he a true super villian
You lost your girl to a wannabe gangsta, damn that must be killin

My wit is unhuman, some might even say godlike
I don't deal with red masked fools so why don't u take a hike.

This is the final verse, you can try to keep going
But the truth of the matter is, compared to me you just ain't flowin

"Weakness is a choice, not a fate"

Black Star Pirates







Definitely CJ(TheBlackDuelist). SOme of you guys only made 1 or 2 raps and didn't even rap really well, sorry :/.

Thanks Shane, for the awesome signature


Finly no doubt, any one who can rap out an imgur link and make it work has the cajones of a winner.


Dark Desolation
Dark Desolation
That was the only good rap i think, i vote for blackduelist, good job


I'll give it to Thatguy, he got me with a good one xD

"Weakness is a choice, not a fate"

Black Star Pirates







I was gonna say the same to you


TBD great job bro :)


Galactic Chaos
Galactic Chaos
Annnnnd I'm never rapping again.

Voting'll end on Sunday I suppose?
That way this can be a weekly thing:
Rapping starts on Mondays,
Voting starts on Fridays;
Rinse, repeat.

Or maybe we can turn this into a kind of tournament? That way it's more organized instead of everyone bashing anyone who happens to be posting at the time.


So this thing is finished tomorrow?

"Weakness is a choice, not a fate"

Black Star Pirates







Dark Desolation
Dark Desolation
I guess its finished now as e-hero said.....

I declare the winner as........ TheBlackDuelst!

Now, Since this looks like an official event... I wont be taking 500 from the dark shadow, Though you have earned it since TWA sees you has the superior rapper in this scenario.
+500 TC, Locked, And here the link to Epic rap battles of yugioh discussion thread:

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