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Hell's Emissary
Hell's Emissary
Elemental Lords: Skipping the Battle Phase

What is it?
If this card leaves the field, skip the Battle Phase of your next turn.
That is the effect written on the official card text, with PSCT. That's the third effect of every Elemental Lord released.

How does this effect work?
This "effect" is not classified in any of the categories of effects in the game mechanics (Trigger Effect, Ignition Effect, Continuous Effect, etc.), because it's "special." Let me explain: unlike cards with an effect like Elemental HERO Absolute Zero's (which is a trigger effect that activates when the card is removed from the field, in the place said card was sent to), the Elemental Lords' third effect is... a Mix between a continuous effect and a trigger effect. In fact, this effect is applied on the field, as soon as the Elemental Lord leaves it. This type of effect is called a Condition effect. Officially, these type of effects are referred to as "This effect has no classification" effect. As I said before, they are a mix between Continuous effects, because they don't "activate" (they don't start a chain), and Trigger effects, because they do not need the monster to be face-up on the field to be applied.

What makes it different from Elemental HERO Absolute Zero, Reborn Tengu, etc...?
The main difference is that the Elemental Lords' third effect is NOT a trigger effect. As I explained above, it's a "Condition". While Absolute Zero, Tengu and other cards with similiar card text activate in the place they are sent after being removed from the field, the Elemental Lords put this condition on the FIELD, also they do not "activate". This also means that cards like Skill Drain CAN negate the Elemental Lords' third effect since it's applied on the field. Cards like Soul Drain will NOT negate the Elemental Lords' Battle Phase skipping effect, while Skill Drain will NOT negate Absolute Zero, Tengu, etc's effects. Also, if the opponent takes control of your Moulinglacia, and it's removed from the field while still on their field, they get to skip their BP, not you. Remember that, and use it to your advantage.

What cards work against this sort of effect?
As I said above, cards like Skill Drain work perfectly fine to avoid skipping the Battle Phase. Other cards that work are Effect Veiler, Fiendish Chain, Forbidden Chalice, etc. So, if for example, your opponent uses Effect Veiler on your Moulinglacia, and then proceeds to destroy it with backrow when you attack, you will NOT skip your next BP. That's pretty useful, isn't it?

Why did you make this article?
Most people think that this type of effect works like Elemental HERO Absolute Zero's, but they are completely wrong. Even some DN Admins do not know about this fact, which is weird. It's a pretty common mistake to just read the card text and assume they forgot to add PSCT on all of the Elemental Lords' third effect. Most people think it's a trigger effect, when it's not. So, yeah. That's the main reason.

You can read more about Condition Effects here.


Well... These are something's I never expected to learn honestly. My info. On this topic was almost completely wrong. Interesting article.

Thanks Shane, for the awesome signature


Galactic Chaos
Galactic Chaos
Nice article Sy, keep up ze good work :U

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