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1 The Roleplay Library on Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:55 pm


The Roleplay Library

Hello, one and all. I'm Peroxide. and today I bring forth TWA's Official Roleplay Library. In this thread of mine I'll be partaking as your friendly librarian, and as such I shall list any and all RPs that ever surface within TWA in a variety of categories, as to allow for much more simple and faster browsing for when the section gets cluttered amongst many threads.

  • Message me if you notice your Roleplay is missing, or if I made any mistakes pertaining to where it was placed, its name and some such.
  • Post in this thread if you have any suggestions for the Library and the categories it is split in, as well as any categories you feel could make growing even more convenient.

I wish for this thread to be of use to y'all, and so I leave you with the rest of it for your own use!

H\O-O/H - Peroxide.


Roleplays that have popped up within the forum since roughly thirty days back:

  • Toon World Academy by Peroxide.:


Regardless of having anime cards, original cards or exclusively TCG/OCG ones, these are the Roleplays that play in the same way the plot of the series moves: dialogue, card games, dialogue:

  • Toon World Academy by Peroxide.:

Roleplays that base themselves within the franchise, but have different playstules than those RPs above:


The Roleplays that are based upon books, movies, series, anime and pretty much anything that isn't Yu-Gi-Oh!:


Unfortunately, these Roleplays joined the RP forums on heaven above before reaching a proper end. This section includes Roleplays of all above categories:

  • The Illusionary World by Tsukasa:


K+, contains no adult themes, and is reduced to fantasy violence exclusively.


T, containing slightly mature themes.


M, contains gore, violence and romance in varying degrees.

  • Toon World Academy by Peroxide.:


Where I list each and all RPs that manage to finish in the adequate ways. List is gathered by me as RPs reach their ending. When your Roleplay is finished, let me know to lock its threads and add it to this list!


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