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1 [F.A.Q] Duel Arena Challenges on Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:10 am


Heaven's Guard
Heaven's Guard
Welcome Guest, we have made this topic in order to inform you what Duel Arena Challenges are! We are going to use a Questions and Answers system to explain what exactly "DAC" Sub-Forums are here for.

Q: Can we use any format, even the ones we made up for our challenges?

A: Yes,you are allowed to use any format as long as both of the players agree to play it. Make sure to take a screen shoot during the sidings and post a banlist used alongside with the screen shoot.

Q: What if my opponent is disobeying the rules of the banlist that we both agreed to play by?

A: He/She receives a game loss and his/her's TC reduced by 50%. (Please remember to screenshot this incident, as well as having proof of the banlist the both of you selected before reporting this.)

Q: What if my opponent is using cards in which had not been officially released by the format we are playing by.

A: Unless you are playing by the current format, please refer to the answer above.

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