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1 Humble Returns (hopefully) on Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:15 pm


So, i used to come on here all the time about 3 or so years ago, this was back when Kobra and DarkMagicianGirl were running Yellow Dorm, infact once upon a time Kobra said that i would be next to run Yellow should he ever leave. Anyways, my old names were HighPriestSeto and SacredPharaohAtem (Pegasus you better remember me ;~; ) with that said, i feel as if i am once again in need of this place. so i declare my humble return to my old stomping grounds. In hope that i can once again become the Shining Star of the Yellow or Blue Dorms as i declared oh so long ago.
If anyone ever needs me My E-Mail (not the one i used to re register for this place) is always here for you. it is and i'll gladly give my Skype and other Messagers via PM.
I hope you all will once again accept me with open arms as you've done oh so long ago.

(under other names that from what the members list told me No longer exist.. which i guess explains why the heck i couldnt log in)

i've also tried to help this place out a little bit, i've been running into people looking for Duel Schools/Academies like this but didn't know where to look. so i normally Direct them here. ^^;;;

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