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1 NickExtreme1's Extreme Deck Shop on Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:19 pm


Welcome to my very own EXTREME deck shop . Here you will be able to purchase some of my own personal builds of decks that I run or built in the past.



Please do not give the decklist away.

Screen Shots mostly used, unless it's a deck I run on DevPro that has cards that aren't on Dueling Network yet, in which case I'll type the decklist.

No side decks (they are personal preference, after all)

Prices vary, but are reasonable. General rule of thumb:

100 TC = Fun Decks
150 TC = Semi-Competetive
200 TC = Competetive


Alchemic Rabbit: AYZ Summon Alchemic Magician with cards like Rescue Rabbit and Summoner Monk, then control the pace of the game with Alchemic Magician's effect to set Spells(Quick Plays) and the Secret Village of the Spellcasters and Royal Decree lock. - 100 TC

Garlandolf, King of Destruction: Ritual Summon the almighty Garlandolf and lay waste to your opponents field of monsters and their Life Points! - 100 TC

Junk Barrage OTK - Equip Junk Barrage to your opponent's monster and kamikaze with an endless army of floaters for trolling fun. - 100 TC

Morphtronic Quasar Synchro - Self-explanatory, this deck makes Shooting Quasar Dragon a lot. Don't blame me for Morphtonic Celfon mishaps though lol. - 150 TC

Solar Heroes - A hybrid of Lightsworn and Elemental Heroes. Miracle Fusion is pretty nuts in here. - 150 TC

Madolches - MY MAIN DECK, updated as of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. Madolche Hootcake adds more speed and combos to an already great deck. - 200 TC

Deck Fixes - 50 TC


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