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1 photon xyz number 61 and 19 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:12 pm

Madolche Puddingcess

first you need 1 of these 2 set ups
1 one for one
photon thrasher ( or lvl 4 photon in this hand this one is perfered)
1 inferno reckless summon
and any 1 other monster

for this set up
ss thrasher ( or normal a lvl 4 photon none token )
play one for one
dump any monster
ss 1 photon sattelite
next play inferno reckless and ss 2 more
now just simply use each of there effects on the lvl 4 ( they become the combined origanal lvls) to get 4 lvl 5s then xyz rank 5 twice

the next one is easier but can lead to dead hands in most photon builds rarely

1 photon thrasher ( important )
1 photon sattelite
and 1 machine duplication
ss thrasher
normal sattelite
play machine duplication to ss 2 sattelites
next repeat the final step of the first combo and there you go

2 rank 5s what would you pick ragequit after i did sanc into galaxy eyes
number 88 victory condition finished ( note i didnt know how to use the counter button during that screenshot)

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